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Nantucket Holidays for Heroes 2014 Year in Review


Thousands of men and women have given their all in defense of the liberties America holds so dear. At Holidays for Heroes, it is our mission and our responsibility to honor their sacrifice in thought, to reciprocate their commitment to country in deed, and to participate in a fellowship with our soldiers that proclaims we are proudly American.

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2015 Events Schedule

First ever Holiday for Heroes to be held in Nantucket, MA

The Holidays For Heroes Experience centers on Memorial Day, Independence Day and 9/11; three national holidays that honor America and those who have been willing to fight to preserve her freedoms.

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How You Can Help

How you can be a hero for Holidays for Heroes

Any contribution—financial, temporal, physical, or otherwise—goes directly to benefit veterans in need. Accomplish something priceless. Be the difference.

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Recent News & Updates

Figawi race


Figawi is a proud sponsor of Holidays for Heroes.

Some of our wounded Heroes participated in this year's Figawi Race due in part to the great generosity of the Figawi Organization”. Holidays for Heroes is proud to have participated participate in this year's race.

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