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Figawi race


Figawi is a proud sponsor of Holidays for Heroes.

Some of our wounded Heroes participated in this year's Figawi Race due in part to the great generosity of the Figawi Organization”. Holidays for Heroes is proud to have participated participate in this year's race.

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2013 Events Schedule

First ever Holiday for Heroes to be held in Nantucket, MA

The first 2013 Holidays for Heroes event has officially been scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend in Nantucket, MA.

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How You Can Help

How you can be a hero for Holidays for Heroes

Any contribution—financial, temporal, physical, or otherwise—goes directly to benefit veterans in need. Accomplish something priceless. Be the difference.

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About the Project

James Stuck with his little Steelers fan

At Holidays for Heroes, we recognize that no man is an island. Behind every hero there is a family that has loved, supported, and sacrificed. Holidays for Heroes seeks to repay the heroes as a family unit. In so doing we fill a niche that is too often left unattended.

Why Holidays?
We hope that by organizing a top-notch retreat for our heroes, we express in our actions what is so hard to express in words: our deepest and most heartfelt gratitude. Our Holidays include all-expenses-paid dining, entertainment, and luxury recreation events of the very highest caliber because our heroes deserve the best. In the end it boils down to this: we see the care and the stress that has by injury been etched so deeply into a hero's countenance evaporate, for a while, and be replaced by relaxation, restitution, and peace.

About Nantucket.
We are excited to announce that our first ever Holiday will take place June 2013 at Nantucket Island. Historic Nantucket, an island off the southern coast of Massachusetts, boasts an amazing variety of attractions, great restaurants and better people. As a matter of fact, as home to world-renowned artists, authors, sports figures, philanthropists, politicians, and entrepreneurs, Nantucket has a cultural heritage that is second to none. Perhaps it is its temperate, idyllic harbor town, or its picturesque bay, or its historical wealth that makes it such a beloved destination. Or perhaps Nantucket was best described by the Native Americans who first called it home: 'canopache,' the 'place of peace.'

Looking ahead.
In the long run, Holidays for Heroes wants to make the Holiday an annual event, expand the number of wounded heroes we invite and treat, and raise funds for the higher education of heroes' children. Do you have something to bring to the team? We are always looking for new ways to support heroes and their families.

These wounded heroes have provided for our freedom. The least we can do is provide for their future.

BREAKING NEWS: Country star Lee Greenwood will be performing at our September 13, 2013 gala!

Please Join Holidays for Heroes in a tribute to our wounded heroes with special guest star Lee Greenwood
at the Nantucket VFW, September 13, 2013. Buy tickets here.
Or, join us to honor our wounded heroes at the Dreamland Theatre from 5 - 7 pm on July 5th, moderated by David Gregory. Buy tickets here

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