Independence Day

5 KraceKidshoulders

I&M Sports Editor Allison Goldsmith said it best: “They came to celebrate the red, white and blue, their friends in Iraq and the memory of grandparents.”

Voted Nantucket’s favorite summer activity, now in its 25th year, The Firecracker 5K Run/Walk, sponsored by Nantucket Health Club offers our Heroes and their families a chance feel the energy along side over 1,000 runners, walkers, strollers, multi-generational families, patriots and vets.

Next up: Antique fire truck water brigade on Main Street, pie eating contests, jaw dropping fireworks, barbecues, fishing, superb beaches and infinite summer doings offer our Heroes and their families a literal dream come true vacation. Nantucket’s take on Independence Day reminds us all that the American Dream is hard fought and hard won. This HFH Weekend Experience celebrates the national freedoms and family values Americans hold most sacred. As always, our Heroes and their families are hosted all expenses paid, in terrific hotels, rental homes or estates. july4FishingThere are plenty of activities for the kids, and appropriate handicap or medical support as needed. This island-wide shared experience is exactly what every American soldier sacrificed for.

And there’s more: Reaching far beyond our Heroes’ acute need for some heavy duty R&R, HFH American Dream Grants, awards and scholarships guarantee our Heroes will have the chance – and the resources – to personally live the lives they fought for.