Andrew Smith

“Have dreams so big they scare you and so impossible that you can’t do them alone.”

H4H Friends,Andrew Smith

As a combat veteran, missionary work in India has been very therapeutic. In a few minutes I will walk out the door and ride down to a small campsite. The people there have been enslaved and are forced by the people who own them to do hard labor. The amount of money they make will never be enough to buy their freedom. Little do they know that their debt has already been paid. We have raised the money to set them free.

My American Dream has been changing, as I get older. I have lived the most amazing life and have been blessed more than I ever deserve. If I pass on something to my children then I hope this lesson goes with it.

No dream is more American than one that shifts focus onto the world around you. …A life truly lived will probably involve some moments that require faith, some situations that demand courage and many days that call for the love of friends to carry you through. …Have dreams so big they scare you and so impossible that you can’t do them alone.Andrew Smith

The best thing about the American Dream is that others see it through your actions and become a part of the story. One day my American Dream will end. But one day soon, a family in southern India will get their first taste of freedom. Their children will attend school for the first time and the fathers will decide how they want to provide for their family. For the first time in generations, they will be free – they will finally be able to Dream. Being a part of something that special sure sounds American to me.

Thank you guys so much for everything you have done. The kids are growing up so fast and are very anxious to visit India and Cuba. Anna is the best wife in the world and there is no way we could do this kind of a ministry if not for her. I will keep you updated on future plans/projects. Never forget just how big of a role you have played in our lives. We love you!

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