Newsletter – November 2017


The support from the Nantucket Community never wavers.

With the Holidays fast approaching we can’t believe another year has gone by. Seasons change, our lives get busier with kids going to school and full work schedules, but one thing remains the same – the support from the Nantucket community never wavers. Holidays for Heroes will enter its seventh year in operation in 2018. It has not been easy getting here, but it sure has been worth it! Each year we add veterans and their loved ones to our growing family. The bigger, the better! With the success of our Nantucket Experience and our 2017 Gala, our hearts are full as we reminisce over the memories we have created together these past few months. Moving forward, we would like to share with you stories and feedback from our veterans more regularly. The fact is, we couldn’t do this without and we want you to know the difference that you are continuing to make in our veterans’ lives…

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