Patriotism on Nantucket – Lee Real Estate


“In his 1992 country ballad, “Some Gave All,” Billy Ray Cyrus implores us to love our country, live with pride and not to forget those who died. As Cyrus recounts the words of his hero friend who went to war a boy and returned a man, he’s reminded that there are many who still don’t understand the reasons we’re free. As we prepare to unite together as a nation next week to celebrate the independence of America and the freedom it affords us, it seems appropriate to reflect on Billy Ray’s final appeal to “think of our liberties and recall that all gave some…and some gave all.”

The news outlets and much of the print media would have us believe patriotism is all but dead in America…that we are in fact a nation divided. There can be no doubt that we are living in an era of political discord and a wide variety of viewpoints on national policy and leadership. But true patriotism stems from love of country, reverence for our history, forefathers and institutions and perhaps most importantly, humble gratitude for those who fought…and continue to fight…so we can have liberty and justice for all…”

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