American Dream Grants

A Hand Up – Not A Hand Out
Holidays for Heroes American Dream Grants, awards and scholarships guarantee our Heroes will have the chance – and the resources – to personally live the lives they fought for.

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Holidays For Hereos

A Life-Changing Experience
Our wounded Heroes and their families are hosted to a sorely needed, all-inclusive, Nantucket dream-come-true vacation retreat. The HFH producing team, volunteers, and supporters come to know true heroism first hand.

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Service Dogs For Heroes

Trained Service Dogs
Many military veterans come home from service wounded, disabled, and with serious emotional needs. Service dogs are invaluable in providing the support these men and women need to continue productive, healthy lives.


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You can make a lasting impact on a wounded hero’s life. Watch a dream materialize; share the happiness you bring to Heroes and their families. It’s a reward unlike any other. Accomplish something priceless. Take action today.