Women in War


On March 18th, Holidays for Heroes launched “Women in War: The Impact of War on Women” at the Chicken Box. This event featured a panel of women greatly affected by war who are often overlooked. The Nantucket community heard stories from Gold Star moms, veterans, wives who have become nurses to the men they love, and mothers that help sons recover from physical and mental wounds. It was a vulnerable and emotional evening that moved everyone in attendance. A huge thank you to John Jordan, The Chicken Box, Taylor Oliver, Chef Dre Solimeo, Matt Hayes, Emily Korkosz, and Ventuno Restaurant.

“We have the stories that no one wants to hear. We lack the happy ending, tied up, nice and neat, in a pretty little bow. We don’t have the uplifting story about how attitude and determination can outrank any medical diagnosis. We’re missing that last feel-good movie scene, the one that makes you walk out of the theater smiling, even though the rest of the movie made you cry. We talk about the things that make you uncomfortable, because you realize what can happen to you in an instant. We make you stop and think that maybe that idea you have of women in combat isn’t necessarily true. We have the stories that no one wants to hear, but that everyone needs to hear. From Caregivers of wounded husbands and sons, to female wounded veterans, to Mothers and Wives who lost their soldiers, we’ve all seen the impact of combat in uniquely different ways.

We are Women In War.

I am eternally grateful to Holidays For Heroes for allowing us to present our horrific stories in a candid way to the people of Nantucket. There’s no way I could have made it through without the other amazing women, Ivonne Francesca, Peg ODonnell, Kelly Smith, Regina Collins Simon, and Vicky Moeser, that were involved in this beautiful experience. It was truly one of the most difficult, yet rewarding experiences of my life.”

– Shannon Allen

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